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I have some questions regarding load. I have a series
of 25-foot spans that need to support an aluminum
bar-grating platform and light pedestrian traffic. The
bar grating will not be welded to the frame, it needs
to be removed for cleaning. We are trying to find the
material which will allow us to span the length with
the fewest number of floor-to-platform supports
possible(none at all if it is possible). We would like
to use a 1-1/2"x1-1/2"x1/8" angle steel. If it is
possible to span the entire length with a single
length of angle and no intermediate floor to platform
vertical support, that would be best. I am also
wondering about flexing/bouncing, which needs to be

Please let me know what advice you can give. Great
threads on this board, by the way.

Matt Wright

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