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Re: Drill and tap for A490 bolt

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The only option that comes to mind would be to consider the use of a structural-type Huck Bolt. 
They have fasteners designed for blind holes, although I believe the highest strength 'alternative design' structural fastener they produce is an A325 strength (120ksi) part.
I don't believe one could develop in any Gr50 structural ply the 175psi proof load necessary to fully tension an A490 (to 64 kips min.) even if we had full thread engagement of all available bolt threads.
David Sharp
TurnaSure LLC
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Sent: Monday, June 16, 2003 7:32 PM
Subject: Drill and tap for A490 bolt

I have a connection for a client that requires a "blind" connection using 1" dia. A490 bolts.  Is it possible to develop the design strength in shear and tension of this bolt by drilling and tapping one of the plys of connection material?  The material is 1" minimum A572 Gr50 plate.

How do I determine the capacity of this type of connection?
Would the plate material have to be hardened?
Any design guidelines available?
Any other suggestions?

William (Bill) Pulyer PE
Charlotte, NC