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RE: Butler Building circa 1982

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Roof and wall panels have commonly been used as diaphragms.  You cannot resist extremely large lateral loads, but for smaller loads, this can be a good method.  Some metal building companies have only tested their diaphragms for "static" loads and therefore use the diaphragms only for wind loading (in low seismic areas).
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Subject: Butler Building circa 1982

I was looking at a Butler building (according to the owner) circa 1982, the lateral system in the transverse direction consists of two built-up columns with a 3'-deep joist girder, bottom chord bolted to the column inside flanges.  On the longitudinal direction, I can't find any bracings, and I didn't see any roof bracing neither anywhere.  The roof framing is bar joists at 5' on center.  I'm assuming the roof and wall metal panels are used to provide diaphragm capacity.  Does anyone know for if all those type of buildings built during that time were like that?  or did the contractor just forgot to install the cable bracing?
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