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RE: Lateral Load on Pile Program

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I have used COM624P extensively within the past year or's basically the calc. engine for LPile but lacks the fancy graphical user interface.....with its output file and massage results into excel spreadsheets I found it relatively easy to use.....
I'm confused about the geotech needing moments & shears ???? Are they designing the pile...?  If so they should be doing the soil-structure interaction fact, it has been my experience that ususally the geotech provides the necessary soil parameters / characteristics (or does the complete pile design) and which generates shears / moments for the structural design of the piles....(not to mention keeping an eye on deflections....)..
Just my thoughts....
Robert C. Rogers, PE
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Subject: Lateral Load on Pile Program

Has anybody had experience using the COM624P software developed by FHWA?  I have a geotech engineer who needs moments and shears on a laterally loaded pile and I was wondering if this program has worked well for others.  It is a lot cheaper than LPILE but as the old adage goes, "you get what you pay for".  Anybody like the program?  Or are there better programs available?