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RE: Matrix Stiffness Method with Spreads

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If you set up your ss beam spreadsheet so that it can have a left and a right 
end moment (or a moment at any point on the beam), you should be able to get 
the deflections for each span of a continuous beam.  Of course the end 
moments have to come from whatever method that you use to analyze the 
continuous beam.  If you have a simple beam, the end moments are, of course, 
zero unless there is an externally applied moment.

BTW, getting tired of calculating reactions years ago, I wrote a routine to 
calculate them for a ss beam with any type, combination and number of 
loadings, first for the HP-67 calculator, then in FORTRAN when the calculator 
went comatose.  For distributed loading, you do not need separate loading 
conditions for uniform, triangular or trapazoidal loads.  They all can be 
accounted for in one equation and all that needs to be input are the 
beginning and end values.  (Enough clues for now.)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Tripp Howard wrote:

. > Thanks Roger.  I thought it could be done.  I plan on updating the 
. > spreadsheet in the near future, first to allow either end to be fixed, 
. > then maybe allow a cantilever, and finally to add continuous spans. It's
. > really pretty amazing what you can accomplish with excel. I use it for 
. > almost everything I calculate. I really prefer making the spreadsheets 
. > myself over using some canned software like Enercalc.  By the time I'm 
. > finished creating a spreadsheet, and going through all the variables and 
. > options available to solve a problem, I've just given myself a pretty good
. > education on the subject.  Great way to learn the in's and out's of a 
. > subject.  
. > Tripp Howard, P.E.

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