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Moment-Area Spreadsheet

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There are free spreadsheets that do this at . Beam.xls is for a single 
span beam and Beam2.xls is for a two-span continuous beam.

Richard Collins

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>Subject: RE: Matrix Stiffness Method with Spreadsheets
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>If all you're interested in is analyzing simple beams, you can use the moment area method 
>and not be bothered with all the matrix analysis and ctrl-shift-enter stuff.  This is the method 
>that the beam analysis components in Enercalc use.  I've created a spreadsheet to do simple 
>beams with point, uniform and trapazoidal loads.  It calculates moment, shear and deflection.  
>The method involves breaking the beam into 100 or so pieces and performing analysis on 
>each segment.  I believe Blodgett has a section on how to do this.  Also, there used to be a 
>spreadsheet on that did this, but I just looked and couldn't find it.  I think 
>this method could also be used for continuous beams, but I havn't tried to do that yet.
>Hope that helps.
>Tripp Howard, P.E.

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