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Re: Oil Drilling Pipe

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>I can only speculate that it would be A53 Grade B, which would have a
>yield strength of 38,000 p.s.i.;
Don't bet the store on this. Neither API nor A-53 pipe comes with a 6 
inch OD. You probably have some kind of mechanical tubing, much of which 
is not furnished with any minimum mechanical properties. It's definitely 
not structural pipe or any of the API grades. 6 inch API and standard 
structural pipe pipe has an OD of 6 5/8; 5 inch pipe has an OD of 5 9/16.

If it were my job I wouldn't use mechanical tubing. If you're hell bent 
on using it for structural purposes it should be tested and the diameter 
and wall verified. You're the one who's on the hook for satisfactory 
performance. You might want to ask yourself why the pipe was scrapped. 

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