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Re: Design of open web beam

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Check the following reference:

O. W. Blodgett, DESIGN OF WELDED STRUCTURES, James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation, Cleveland, OH.
Section 4.7 covers the structural design of castellated steel beams. 

If you don't have this book, you can purchase it on-line from the publisher's  web site (  I bought my copy in 1972 for $7.  The price is now $15 but still one of the best bargains for an engineering book that you will probably ever find.

Walt Sawruk
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Shillington, PA
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At 12:00 PM 20-06-03 -0300, you wrote:
I am designing an open web (castellated) beam and I could not find any reference.
Please, I appreciate any help.
Silenio M Paulo