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Re: 10/lw factor....why can't we get along?

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Well, maybe with the NFPA code now available you might get a new code in
the near future.  My recollection (which may certainly be faulty) was the
State of California considered adopting the 2000 IBC a year or so ago.  If
I recall correctly, the adopt of the 2000 IBC was supported by SEAOC and
the SEAOC Seismology committee.  But, California elected not to adopt the
code...according to some rumor that I heard, because the unions and
fire marshalls liked the idea of the NFPA code better and had some
"issues" with the IBC (if I recall correctly, some believe that the IBC is
weaker in terms of fire protection and plumbing issues).  Thus, if such a
rumor is true, then maybe now that the NFPA 5000 code is "in play" during
the next official code "cycle" for the California Building Code will be
result in the adoption of the NFPA 5000.  If so, then from a structural
point of view, you should be working with essentially what is in the IBC
code as the NFPA code is supposed to basically get its structural
provisions from referencing other standards such as ACI 318, ASCE 7, AISC
Specs, NDS, the MSJC, etc.  Now, I don't know if either the 2003 IBC or
the NFPA 5000 has modified the 10/lw provisions or not, so it may not
solve the original issue.


Ypsilanti, MI

On Sun, 22 Jun 2003 Jnapd(--nospam--at) wrote:

> Scott:
> Very well said. That is why it is fun and exciting to practice engineering
> daily and know that we are using a discarded code and have no choice and say in
> the situation. Oh I forgot we now use the 2001 California Building Code (1997
> UBC in disguise) the politicians voted for this because of the new cover. This
> is like Lala land to be politically correct you practice bogus
> engineering........
> Joe Venuti
> Johnson & Nielsen Associates
> Palm Springs,  CA

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