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RE: Matrix Stiffness Method with Spreadsheets

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The latest version of Multiframe also features an interface that allows the model and results to be access from VB or VBA. In fact, it can be done from any programming language that supports COM automation such as c++ or even Fortran (not that I have ever tried this or would want too!). From what I know of the other software with VBA interfaces, the interface developed in Multiframe is unique in that it is in the form of a hierarchical object model which readily provides access to the data and simplifies programming in VB and VBA. The object model provide access to all data used to described the structural model and to the results of analyses. 

I won't ramble on with any more self promotion but anyone interested should take a look at our web site and download a demo version. It includes a number of examples for interacting with MS Word, MS Excel and AutoCAD.



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I agree with most people that writing your own matrix routine is flexible. Excel has powerful functions to do matrix manipulations, but taking care of restraint conditions, strong vs. minor axis orientation and different load types (load vectors) can be cumbersome to handle. Ed had asked if there were other software. We use STAAD/Pro 2003 and it has a Visual Basic editor inside of it that allows you to write your own macros to extract results into Excel or even add your own routines into STAAD. I have spent the last few months reading about VB and VBA and it really has helped in extracting data from STAAD and dumping it into Excel. I think macros are the way to go for ultimate flexibility because a general software like STAAD does not produce all the results I need (or in the format I want) nor do I expect it to.
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