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Re: NY State Building Code requirements

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New York State is now using a code based on IBC 2000.  There are some differences between the Building Code of New York State (BCNYS) and IBC 2000 (such as ground snow loads within the state).  For wind loads, section 1609.1.1 of BCNYS says the following: "Wind loads on every building or structure shall be determined in accordance with Section 6 of ASCE 7."
Quickly scanning the BCNYS and IBC 2000, the section on wind loads appears to be identical in both codes.
Hope this helps.
John Goodman, P.E.
RKW Engineering
Rochester, NY
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Subject: NY State Building Code requirements

I think that I remember a while back hearing that NY would be adopting the IBC 2000 sometime soon.  I have been asked to provide wind load reactions for a building in NY and am not sure whether I should be using the old NY code or the IBC.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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