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Unusual precast wall panels

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Today I observed a one story single family residence with perimeter and interior walls constructed of precast panels. The panels, for the most part, are 39" wide and 20" high. Two panels are nestled together to create an overall wall thickness of approximately 4 ½". When viewed from either side, the panels are laid up in a stack bond pattern, but the joints are offset on opposing faces of the wall. The individual panels have ribs at the 20" ends and a pair of ribs at the center, also running the 20". When nestled together, a wall similar to a CMU wall exists with full height voids between the ribs with an outside shell of approximately 1 inch.

I could go into more detail on the construction, but I'm looking for information on the history of this system. Has anyone seen such construction? Can you point me to some background info on the method of construction? The original building permit referred to it as an economy concrete residence.

Steve P  CE
Pasadena, CA

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