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The Wright legacy

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No, I'm not talking about FLW.  In my opinion the
Wright brothers (Wilbur and Orville) were two of the
greatest minds of the twentieth century.  I find much
more beauty looking at any pre-1914 Wright aircraft
than I do looking at any FLW design - probably because
Wright aircraft feature an exposed structure!  These
guys had no college education and no formal training
as engineers - yet they possessed knowledge of
structures, mechanics and physics that was probably on
par with that of any formally trained engineer of the

Their aircraft were amazing structures.  Efficiency of
structural design was of utmost importance - there was
no room for "heavying up" the design "just to be

If you want to see a beautiful structure, take a look
at some photos of old Wright brothers aircraft.

Here are a couple:

Wright glider:

Wright Model "B":

Cliff Schwinger

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