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Re: Unusual precast wall panels

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You're right about the corrosion being difficult to determine just from the crack. This is especially true with bars that are 2 to 3 inches deep as the expansion caused by the rust usually results in a crack that doesn't give you a view of the rebar without removing a portion of the cover whether it be concrete or masonry. I've found that deteriorating joint reinforcing that has much less cover, usually causes the mortar to push outward rather than just a crack. The outward push, results in spalling of the joint and even if the loose material has been removed, the void is usually a shallow "V" with the apex being at the crack. This behavior is more applicable for vertical cracks than horizontal ones, as the horizontal crack is subject to further spalling when the element flexes about the crack. It'll be interesting to see where the owner wants to go with it from here. There are definitely some issues with the h/t, the quantity, and the quality of the reinforcing.
Again, thanks, for the input.

Steve P

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