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RE: Hanging a wood stud wall from a metal deck?

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I faced this situation with a retail grocery store.  The distance between the bottom of the roof deck to the floor was 33 feet and the architect wanted fascias with bottoms at approximately 15 feet.  To support the metal studs and the drywall, we showed the fascia on the roof plans with a dead load weight per foot.  Where the fascia was parallel to the joists we determined the equivalent uniform load on the adjacent joists and showed that value also.  Therefore, the joist supplier (bidder design) had the appropriate loads.  If your joists are not designed at this time, I would encourage you to do the same.  You should also specify a maximum deflection to assure that you do not exceed the deflection capacity of any head you use.
Since we were using metal studs we supported the studs from the bottom chords, with web reinforcing as required, by running a track parallel to the wall that spanned between the joists.  Where  the wall was parallel to the joists.  We ran tracks parallel to the wall and supported these from studs that ran between the joists at approximately 4'-0" on center.
You should be careful with any lateral reactions to not load the joists laterally.
John Russ
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Subject: Hanging a wood stud wall from a metal deck?

Hello everybody,
I have a situation I've never encountered before.  We designed a steel building, and the roof is bar joists and 1.5B metal roof deck.  Well, now the architect has figured out that he can't slip his interior walls at the top, so he must slip them at the bottom.  I can't recall doing this before.  Is there a good way to hang the wood stud walls from the metal deck?  Well, not the metal deck: obviously, I'll need something structural to span between the bar joists for either parallel or perpendicular walls, but this is a "loft" and the underside of the deck and the joists will be exposed in the end product, so I'm thinking I'll build something into the top of the wall at the parallel condition.  Any good advice out there on this one?
Jeff Chacon
Structural Design Collaborative, LLC
Denver, CO