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I believe that the below-indicated report has information regarding
corrosion of MMFX steel:

Darwin, D., Browning, J., Nguyen, T. V., Locke, C. E., ?Mechanical and
Corrosion Properties of a High-Strength, High Chromium Reinforcing Steel
for Concrete,? SM Report No. 66, University of Kansas Center for Research,
Inc., Lawrence, Kansas, March 2002, pp. 142; also South Dakota Department
of Transportation Report, SD2001-05-F.

Rex C. Donahey
Composite Technologies Corp.

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From:  GSKWY(--nospam--at)
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2003 09:32:08 EDT
To: Seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: MMFX

For those who are interested in MMFX (Microcomposite Multistructural
Steel)  there is a lot of information on their website

Most of it is pretty badly written drivel about "unique and different 
microstructures" and obtaining "optimum properties through the most optimal 
microstructures".  However, this has funded alot of graduate student
education,  so at 
least those individuals have benefited.  

The web site also quotes H.H. Uhlig (MIT) as saying "Corrosion costs in all 
Industrialized Nations amount to 3% of the GNP of each country".  Given
professor Uhlig retired in 1976 and died in 1993,  one might wonder if this 
information is current.

Gail Kelley

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