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Advice on a 230 ft long bldb

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To all:

I am starting to work on a 2 story 10 unit apartment complex (wood building) in seismic zone 4 area. The builiding footprint is 37 x 230 feet. The second floor and roof is continuous for the whole length (230 feet). Party walls accross the building width will act as shear walls thereby reducing the diaphragm aspect ratio to less than 2:1.

The first story has an open end for garage. Steel moment frame will be provided at the open front. In order to reduce the effect of torsion, shear walls will be provided throughout the length of the building at about the mid widht of the bulilding ( will be designing this shear wall to fully resist the seismic forces - this is in addition to the moment frame and shear wall on the opposite side).

I would appreciate if you could let me know what other pitfalls I need to worry about.

Gautam Manandhar, SE

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