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In a message dated 6/28/2003 11:30:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

I believe that the below-indicated report has information regarding
corrosion of MMFX steel:

Darwin, D., Browning, J., Nguyen, T. V., Locke, C. E., “Mechanical and
Corrosion Properties of a High-Strength, High Chromium Reinforcing Steel
for Concrete,” SM Report No. 66, University of Kansas Center for Research,
Inc., Lawrence, Kansas, March 2002, pp. 142; also South Dakota Department
of Transportation Report, SD2001-05-F.

The University of Kansas work, which was sponsored by the South Dakota DOT found that the corrosion properties of MMFX steel did not seem to match the company's claims.  This is, in part, the reason the ASTM (as it currently stands) does not say anything about the corrosion properties of the steel.  

The Kansas report, which is not on the MMFX web site, is well-written.  

It is kind of interesting, that considering how much MMFX is spending on marketing (full page ads in every available magazine),  their in-house marketing literature is really, really bad.  

Gail Kelley