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Re: stucco on metal wall cover

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I would be concerned with the flexibility of the wall system to support the new exterior finish, and also the ability of the overall lateral system to support the additional seismic load.  You could provide additional girts to adequately support the wall between frames, but the frame systems are not typically overdesigned. 
I would look at a light weight alternative like an EIFS system, and still look hard at the frames for the additional loading.
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From: D.A.
Sent: Saturday, June 28, 2003 10:01 PM
Subject: stucco on metal wall cover

I have steel building may be built in 1950'S
prefab. steel frame, purlins and girts
 roof is metal and wall is metal supported by steel channel girts
the owner wants to add stucco over the metal wall
1-is it good idea to add stucco over metal sheet
    know it can be done by adding an angle at outside and fasten to girts
    and either steel studs or wood studs can be used
my concern is the stucco will crack because the structure is very flexible
2- is there anther idea to cover the metal wall
thanks in advance
Dave A. P.E.