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RE: Concrete Reinforcing Choices

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From my office window I do not see a lot of high-rise buildings going up in Irvine and very few if any are made of concrete except in the footings and floors.  Can you get the name and location of these "high-rise buildings in Irvine"?

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

"Michael Bryson" <mbryson(--nospam--at)>

06/30/2003 08:57 AM

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RE: Concrete Reinforcing Choices

Well MMFX claims they are using it in a pair of high-rises in Irvine,
CA. Do you have the most up to date ICBO?

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Subject: RE: Concrete Reinforcing Choices

As noted, the ICBO report ER-5930 states that MMFX "must not be used in
seismic-resistant reinforced concrete members". Two questions:

1. Does anyone know why this limitation was put on this material? The
site claims the ductility of the material is one of its benefits.

2. For a concrete structure designed per the IBC, is there anywhere in
US where at least a portion of the structure does not require "seismic
resistant reinforced concrete members"?  

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Subject: Re: Concrete Reinforcing Choices

Interesting stuff but one problem (at least around here) is that it is
allowed in seismic applications and is not weldable.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

06/26/2003 02:43 PM Please respond to

SubjectConcrete Reinforcing Choices

Someone recently asked about how to design with FRP materials.  If the
is corrosion, check out  Information on the web site
in ICBO ER-5930 suggests design according to the UBC, ACI 318, and
in the Evaluation Report where a corrosion resistant alternative to ASTM
A615 Grade 75 is desired.  This design process may be more familiar to
practicing engineers, and field fabrication is possible.  There may be
benefits too.  I saw this material at the Structures Congress in
and it looks promising.  Since my digest subscription to the list did
come through last night, someone else may have suggested this already
without my seeing it.  
Jeff Wykoff