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RE: Concrete Reinforcing Choices

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The discussion that I have heard is that their original claim, amounting
to having something like 8 - 9 times the corrosion resistance of A615,
was based on one method of accelerated corrosion testing.  When some
slower methods were used, the corrorsion resistance was still very high,
but was less that originally thought, perhaps 5 - 6 times (working from
memory).  It appears to be a bit of a setback for them, but perhaps not
a disaster.  Contact them if you need more information.  I have heard of
a few local projects where it has been considered for non-seismic (deck
and gravity beam) applications.  Seems like an interesting product, it
will be nice when some of the question marks are cleared up.  

Paul Crocker, PE

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It is my understanding that the corrosion resistance properties of MMFX
is still unclear.  

There will be an ASTM coming out "sometime" - it is still in
subcommittee.  But as far as I know,  it just sets tensile strength
properties,  and does not say anything about corrosion.

Gail Kelley


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