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RE: Concrete Reinforcing Choices

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"1. Does anyone know why this limitation was put on this material? The
site claims the ductility of the material is one of its benefits."

One of their brochures that I have lists the fy as 100ksi minimum and fu
as 150ksi minimum.  Depending on the actual values, this may not meet
the 125% limit from ACI 21.2.5 (b).  Varying the values enough to meet
(b) might put them in conflict with (a).  So, even if the ductility is
great, the overstrength ratio might be an issue.  

"2. For a concrete structure designed per the IBC, is there anywhere in
US where at least a portion of the structure does not require "seismic
resistant reinforced concrete members"?"  

Based on the ICBO report, there's no reason you couldn't use it anywhere
you would allow regular A615, without the provision of 21.2.5 applied.
Slabs, footings, and gravity beams would all be candidates, depending on
the specifics of the situation.  

Paul Crocker, PE

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