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RE: Transfer of roof lateral forces to masonry bearing/shear walls

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Use a diaphragm deck directly on the joists (steel or wood) and then put the hats over that with the architectural deck on the hats.  This method treats the standing seam deck as a roofing system only -- which is what it is and still lets you have a proper diaphragm for the masonry wall system.
Jim Persing, PE
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Subject: Transfer of roof lateral forces to masonry bearing/shear walls

I'm currently working on a one story building constructed of long span open web steel joists supported on concrete masonry unit bearing/shear walls.  The roof is constructed of an architectural standing seam metal roof on light gage steel hat channels, there is no structural steel roof deck.  What is the best/proper way to transfer the roof lateral loads to the shear walls?  Will steel angle "X" bracing in the plane of and connected to the joist bottom chord, sized accordingly, be adequate to transfer these lateral loads to the walls?
Thanks for the help,
Eric D. McAndrew, P.E.