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RE: deck collapse

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>Believe it or not, there is a group of victim's families that believes this.
>They claim that the steel was hauled away "fast" to eliminate "the
If it were an attempt to eliminate evidence, it wouldn't be the first 
time that ever happened. It also wouldn't be the first time that someone 
figured he was avoiding a lawsuit by disposing of the remains, whether or 
not he believed he was at fault. And it wouldn't be the first time that 
someone figured all those remains were just bad for business or attracted 
'the wrong sort.' I see it all the time in mechanical failures. In fact 
what they're really doing is playing into plaintiff counsel's hands

You also see a fair amount of 'clean-ups' arising out of ignorance of 
what's to be learned from such a failure or simply not wanting to think 
about unpleasant things. The fact that the owner is 'on a canoe trip' 
really is pretty sleazy. People like that are just asking for trouble, 
and I don't care much if that's what they get. Moreover, if the story 
about not having a permit to build the deck is true, the owner needs to 
be brought up short. My own theory is that litigation is fuelled every 
bit as much by arrogant defendants looking to evade responsibility as by 
greedy plaintiffs looking to cash in an momentarty stupidity.

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