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RE: deck collapse

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>Since it appears that this guy was REALLY on a canoe trip
I too much was made out of the canoe trip. Suffice to say that it 
wouldn't be the first time that 'unavailable due to remote location,' 
were used to avoid an unfriendly press. I do wonder if he might have been 
more accessible if, say, the inspection department had levied a big fine 
or announced condemnation proceedings for failure to obtain a permit or 
unsafe construction. No matter--the failure to obtain a permit is a far 
larger matter than vacation plans, anyway. It's probably fair to point 
out that Rudy Guiliani wasn't at fault for the 9/11 disaster, but he at 
least showed up.

I really don't mean to sound cynical or rush to judgement. When I do a 
failure investigation it's very important to do neither. If this is like 
every other major failure I know of, there isn't a single cause anyway 
but a chain of events. Plenty of blame to go around.  

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