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Re: deck collapse, part IX

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>It just bothers me to see the jump to conclude guilt when supposely one of
>our "prime directives" in our way of life is innocent until proven guilty.
I'm quibbling, but I think the distinction is important--the presumption 
of innocence is the basis for the process of conviction of a crime, not a 
prime directive. It means that the state has the burden of proving guilt 
in a criminal trial and conversely that a defendant does not need to 
prove his innocence. Presumption of innocence doesn't preclude suspicion 
or actions by legally constituted authority based on reasonable cause. If 
that were the case, no one could ever be arrested or arraigned by a grand 

It's fair to add that I feel the same way as Scott regarding the Star 
Chamber proceedings in the name of national security. People who tell me 
that curtailing rights in order to preserve them make me vous. I was 
brought up believing that only the bad guys do that.

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