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RE: CMU Site tolerances

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Before one trade can build upon another trade's work there must be some degree of acceptance of that work or some other justification to proceed.  You may want to check out the specific legalities of this but for a mason to assume that they can lay a wall without a mortar bedding on one of the face shells -- well, they are certainly taking a big risk.
As for remediation, there is a method of using only the concrete grout as a mini column for the structural portion of the wall and assuming that the block is just a form.  It may be too late for this but just a suggestion.
Good luck.
Jim Persing, PE
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Subject: CMU Site tolerances

ACI 530.1-99 3.3G "Specification for Masonry Structures" specifies a maximum 3/4" deviation from the specified dimension indicated in plan view.  However the commentary states that this is not to be applied to situations where masonry extends past floor slabs.  Any suggestions on how to deal with this situation?
We have been asked to propose remedial action on a single story, partially grouted, reinforced masonry, hip truss roof, 8' ceiling residence, in 120mph exposure B wind zone (currently under construction). In the garage area the base of the wall is nearly 1.5" past the edge of the monolithic concrete foundation for the entire length of the wall (~24').  It appears as if the mason attempted to build the wall to plan over a foundation that was 1.5" too short.  Of course the engineer was not notified until after the contractor failed masonry inspection.
We've considered modifying the foundation, fully grouting the remaining cells, and of course we have considered recommending demolition.
Thanx in advance for entertaining the ridiculous.
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