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Re: deck collapse, part IX

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>Ah, but supposedly there may be a crime here in this case. 
I'd be willing to bet that no criminal charges will ever be filed. First, 
damages aren't considered in criminal procedings, so there's no pay-off. 
Even if criminal behavior were involved, the standard of proof (including 
presumption of innocence and proof beyond a reasonable doubt) is so much 
greater that it wouldn't make sense to pursue unless the event involved 
the most egregious evidence. I doubt that it would be possible even to 
make a case for malicious intent.

> that would in essence means that you would
>likely have just disqualified yourself from the jury pool.
I would have been disqualified from the jury pool for several reasons, 
chief of which would be my expert witness background. Engineers don't 
make very good jurors for a number of reasons. 

>But, then that is just what I believe and I am also just a naive, smuck.  ;-)
Not at all--for all practical purposes, I believe the same thing, but it 
doesn't keep me from recognizing patterns.

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