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Re: Favorite Calculator Bites the Dust

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>My dearly beloved Casio FX-850 has finally gone to calculator heaven 
>(taking everything with it!)  But I won't hold that against it.
When my HP-67 went west I ran through the the same thing. I ended up with 
an HP-48G+. It is a beaut. A big issue with me is RPN, which is one 
reason I stuck with HP. The programming capacity is first rate and the 
capability to handle units conversion and a huge amount of algebra and 
calculus including matrix operations. Programming can be as simple as 
do-what-I-do keystroke capture to some pretty elegant structured 
programming. I don't use all that stuff all the time, but I've used it 
enough so that it's not wasted. The hooker is that HP has stopped making 
calculators, so you have to find them on the web. It isn't difficult. I 
found one (I have two) at the University bookstore which gave me a 
friendly price becaause they'd lost the docs. If these two last as long 
as my HP-67, I won't have to buy another until I'm 104.

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