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Re: Favorite Calculator Bites the Dust

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Ref: Thor Tandy's post

That struck a nostalgic chord.
I still have my good old Faber Castell slide rule with
20" C and D scales.

I am hoping to find some sucker who collects priceless
artifacts and who will offer me half his fortune in

It was a beauty and was  the "Pentium" among the slide
rules then (1972 to 1975) and it could hold it's own
against the American "Pickett" and the German "Aristo"
which were other prized possessions those days.

With several cursor lines for various applications,
and double length C and D scales, I could read out one
more signifcant digit than if I used the standard 10"

I was one of the few who could actually calculate
0.7^-0.07 correctly on it.

I had a system of counting how many times the slide
moved to the left and how many times to the right, in
a long chain multiplication and division,  and using
the net count of movements, I could fix the position
of the decimal point without thinking.

In 1975, I parted with a month's salary for buying a
Casio calculator.
A plain vanilla model, with just the basic arithmetic
functions and and a memory and the Square root
I could now solve the pythagoras theorem for right
angled triangles without referring to bulky tables
(The equivalent of Smoley's that you in America used)
Mercifully we had already gone metric and the imperial
system was no longer a mill stone around our necks.

Too bad, my boss did not believe in the accuracy of
the calculations I did using the newly acquired gizmo
and made me do it all over again using my slide rule
under his watchful eye.

At the end he grudgingly nodded and said:

"Not bad, Not bad at all. Will you teach me how to use
one of these things?"

Happy July 4 to all Americans on this list.
With Greetings from India

G Vishwanath

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