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Re: NFPA 5000 Backdoor

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It's in the pipe.  NFPA 5000 requires metal piping (read installation by Union Workers) versus plastic pipe allowed by the IBC (read non-Union Installations).  Therefore the plumbers union is spending lots of money to get the NFPA adopted where ever possible and of course this is in turn supported by politician supported by Unions.  It is now a matter of who has the most money and political influence.  What a way to pick a building code?!

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting


07/07/2003 11:23 AM

Please respond to

Re: NFPA 5000 Backdoor

The City of Phoenix is in the process of implementing the NFPA 5000 Code.  
There was a considerable push from P.I.P.E. (the pipe trades people).  I do not
understand how or why the unions would want one code over another.  I have not
been able to get an answer to this question even from the union people nor
have I seen any evidence that the NFPA codes will make buildings any safer,
easier to design or build or are more economical that the UBC (or I codes).

Anyone have any answers.

Mel Slaysman

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