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Re: Favorite Calculator Bites the Dust

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My condolences on the demise of your Casio FX-850.  :(

My original calculator was an HP45 (~73).  I switched the the HP15C in the late 80's when the 45 started to misbehave.  I misplaced the 15C in 1994 & bought a used (pre-Ebay) but found the original. Over the years I have picked up a few more & now have four.  Like Chris Wright I won't ever need to learn a new calculator, unless I want to.

I suggest Ebay for a used one or an obsolete model that is close.  Often there will be very low mileage units having sat in a desk unused for years

Being a hard-core HP fan I don't know anything about the Casio FX 850 but doing a Google search on it I found a great deal of activity on French & Spanish language websites??

this one might provide a possible derivative

looks like any FX-8** is an 850 derivative

currently on Ebay there is one in Australia (~2 days left on the auction) current price is $140.

also a PB-100?

Looks like your FX-850 is a pretty rare beast.  If you're interested in buying that one on Ebay & you're not an experienced Ebayer I can give you some tips/help via email to make sure you get this one.

Bob Kazanjy

Thor Tandy wrote:
My dearly beloved Casio FX-850 has finally gone to calculator heaven (taking everything with it!)  But I won't hold that against it.
If any paleocalcuologists remember this machine they might be able to guide me to an equivalent modern programmable calculator.  Or am I showing my age?  This machine used to do all my "hand" calcs and I deigned to use RISA etc only when closed formula lengths went past 8 lines of program ...
Anyway (sniff!) I'd like to get a new one.  I'm tempted to go back to the slide rule, but then I wouldn't be able to take my 10% uncertainty to my customary 8+ decimal places :^).  "Personal PC's" seem, at first sight to be a bit over the top for what I need, however, ....
I will stalk the internet, the local Future Shops etc., even the message archives, but if you have any advice, I am a willing listener.

Thor A. Tandy P.Eng MIPENZ
Victoria BC
email: vicpeng(--nospam--at)