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Re: Favorite Calculator Bites the Dust

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Christopher Wright wrote:
> enough so that it's not wasted. The hooker is that HP has stopped making
> calculators, so you have to find them on the web. It isn't difficult. I

I checked the HP web site and they still offer calculators for sale. 
They may
be on closeout so the calculators may not be available in the future.  
As recently (according to the HP website news releases) as January, HP
was still
designing new calculators.  Last year on the list serv this was posted,


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 Thank you for contacting Hewlett-Packard's Customer Care e-mail

 1. No.  We discontinued the HP 82240B IR Printer.  HP has also shut
 the Research and Development of the Calculators.

 2.  HP is still manufacturing  all of the same CALCULATORS it was a
 ago, but there are no new models.

 The HP 32Sii is our most difficult model to find because retail stores
 do not like to carry RPN calculators.  You can purchase it from HP
 shopping by calling 888-999-4747 or you can order online.

 If you need further assistance, please reply to this message.  You may
 also find technical and troubleshooting information along with software
 updates, on our HP Customer Care Web site at:


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