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RE: Professional's Survival Guide Seminar

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Tell me that you exaggerate with this annecdote!
Regardless of the responsibilities of the plan checker, if he/she doesn't flag poor work such as this, shame on him/her.
If the engineer who presented that work doesn't know any better than that, shame on him/her.
If the state that gave him a license to practice didn't do a better job screening, shame on it!
I'm not sure the extra test here in CA prevents such stupidity. As you know, our dirty little secret here in CA is that a degree in Civil Engineering, two years of experience and passing the Civil Exam is all one needs to sign just about any structural drawing in this high seismic area.
IMO, both the plan checker and the engineer should be reported to the state board.
T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
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San Juan Capistrano, CA
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The one I thought was funny and dangerous at the same time was a deflection calc on a 2x14 and he spec that camber for the joist.  Funny one
Same job moment frame  at garage door opening 15" high, wood post and beam with post caps and CB bases.  I told the plan checker of the danger and he said he did not care it was wet stamped.  
It is good that California requires the additional seismic portion on the Civil test to try and stop this stupidity from happening.

Joe Venuti

Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs,  CA