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Re: White Rust

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I am not familiar with it,  but wouldn't it just be the zinc corroding?  Zinc corrodes preferentially to steel,  but corrodes at a very slow rate, which is the whole premise of galvanzing.  If you've got a stray current though,  you could end up with a fairly high corrosion rate.  AISC actually has a number of interesting articles on galvanizing for free on their web site.  The American Galvanizing Association (  has alot of publications, but you have to buy them which might make them less interesting.

Also,  not directly related to the subject,  but if you are into those penny smashing machines, you should be using pre-1982 pennies, which were 95% copper and 5% zinc.  Since 1982, pennies have been 99.2% zinc, with only a copper coating.  When you smash the newer pennies, the zinc shows through.

Gail Kelley