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Re: Favorite Calculator Bites the Dust

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>> enough so that it's not wasted. The hooker is that HP has stopped making
>> calculators, so you have to find them on the web. It isn't difficult. I
replying to myself because I was wrong, I'm happy to say. The following 
is from HP's web page: 

We know that we have thousands of loyal users who are satisfied with some 
of our legacy models and will be sensitive to their wishes in continuing 
to offer these calculators. It's a rare day that we do not receive 
messages from HP calculator users letting us know how much they love 
their calculators. Here's what one customer said about her HP 12c 
financial calculator.

"...I've only had to replace the battery once and its worked for me every 
day in past 12 years. Thank you Hewlett-Packard for being one of the few 
companies out there to make long-lasting, reliable products."

In some cases we will continue to produce perennial favorites. For 
example, we will continue to supply HP12c and HP10BII financial and HP30S 
scientific models. In other cases we will launch improved and enhanced 
versions of the originals.

The bottom line is that HP calculators are here to stay and they are 
going to be better than ever, giving our customers more than ever.

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