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Re: French drain installation

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Good ideas.  What is the newspaper for?  What is meant by daylight pipe(s)? 

Andy Richardson , P.E.



From: jim jensen <doublejtp(--nospam--at)>

Subject: Re: French drain installation

To: seaint(--nospam--at)


If it were mine, holes located at 5 and 7 Oclock. Pipe

would be installed below floor level,pipe  would run

level, clean-outs at appropriate locations, do not use

the black plastic pipe in a continous roll- to hard to

maintain grade, I reccomend 10' sticks,your

gravel/rock will be a locality thing. I like lots of gravel,with newspaper about 1' above pipe, daylight

pipe(s) to where one can see it for a long time, it

might get lost at time of final grading, or

damaged.Pay real close attention on the quality of waterproofing of wall, and positive surface drainage a must. Note; these suggestions are for surface water only,ground water is a different ballgame. Good Luck Jim Jensen