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Re: Favorite Calculator Bites the Dust

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>And then to read their "spin" on calculators for 2003/RPN calculators makes 
>one want to vomit.
I'm inclined to agree, but maybe we should cut Valdez a little slack. I 
hated my HP 48G+ for a while because it wasn't my HP 67 (still enshrined 
under my book case) but I think the 48 is a real improvement. Of course I 
wouldn't be saying that if it didn't use RPN, but the tone of the page is 
that they're keeping RPN at least. And I just stumbled onto the way to 
fix what I thought was a a bad display on HP 48 #2. There was this awful 
shadow over the screen when I bought it, but I was desperate and thought 
I could live with it (last HP 48 at the UM bookstore). Turns out it's the 
contrast The web page said press <ON> and <+> to darken it; press <ON> 
and <-> to lighten it. A couple of key presses and the display looks 
exactly like HP 48 #1. Hallelujah! So I'm feeling better and inclined to 
give HP some time.

I've been through this with my Mac and the Mac has not only weathered the 
storm but prospered. I have an OS X laptop which runs UNIX and compiles C 
and C++. Maybe someday I'll be forced to endure Windows but not for a 
while. A lot of things could happen between now and some day. Microsoft 
could go belly up; I could go belly up; ANSYS Inc could come to its 
senses or--who knows--maybe I _can_ find a good, solid FEA program to 
compile and run under BSD UNIX.

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