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RE: Sealing of As-Builts

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I think that it makes some sense to have record drawings ("as-builts")
sealed. This ensures that the PE has reviewed the changes made in the field
and has confirmed that they are not detrimental to the design. You are not
warranting whether the drawings are 100% accurate, but you are confirming
that the design remains adequate based on the changes noted. If the design
is not adequate, that provides an opportunity to correct detrimental effects
of field changes. 

Several months ago I was asked to seal record drawings for a project in
Missouri which was originally sealed by another engineer who is no longer
employed here. I reviewed the drawings and had some information confirmed in
the field at some grating platforms where I did not feel the drawing changes
were clear as to adequate structural support. I then sealed the drawings
including a note stating that I was sealing the drawings for changes during
construction, with a reference to the originally sealed construction

The biggest problem I see is getting paid for the review. This can take
time, depending upon the number and significance of changes. It would be
best to address this in the engineering services contract.  

William C. Sherman, PE
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Rumor has it in the City that we do a large amount of work for will start
requiring the "as built" drawings to be sealed/certified.  Any where else
require this?  Personally there is no way I would seal an as built drawing
since the work was not under my "direct" supervision.    I could see
requiring a surveyor to certify as built locations on elbows/valves/etc.
However that is a big difference in sealing the as builts for a pump
station.  What is the general consensus on this practice? Anything in the PE
law that we could use against this (reading the GA one now if I find
anything will let you know)?

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