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RE: Rebuilt Autocad files

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If you are lucky and created your files in HP-GL format (not HP/GL2), you could try the Express tools/File Tools/Convert PLT to DWG. Of course, you have to be very, very lucky.
Otherwise, there might be some 3rd party software out there. I know that HiJaak Pro used to be able to do some of this. IMO, by the time you mess around with all of this, it might just be easier (not easy, but easier) just to re-draw the files. Get a student looking for summer work. Call it an "internship" :o).
Good Luck,
T. William (Bill) Allen, S.E. (CA #2607)
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Is there any possibility to rebuilt a *.dxf file from a *.plt?

Some time ago I lost some draws and the only thing that I have are the plotter files associated.


Thanks in advance



Vitor Nina