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RE: Sealing of As-Builts

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If we are required by contract to furnish as built drawings, we add some verbage that says that these drawings are based upon information provided by others (generally the field notes from the general contractor) and therefore we do not guarantee or warrant the accuracy of that information.
We would not seal these drawings.

Jim K.
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Subject: Sealing of As-Builts

Rumor has it in the City that we do a large amount of work for will start requiring the "as built" drawings to be sealed/certified.  Any where else require this?  Personally there is no way I would seal an as built drawing since the work was not under my "direct" supervision.    I could see requiring a surveyor to certify as built locations on elbows/valves/etc.  However that is a big difference in sealing the as builts for a pump station.  What is the general consensus on this practice? Anything in the PE law that we could use against this (reading the GA one now if I find anything will let you know)?