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Who needs scientific calculators now?

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Ref: The number of posts on "Favourite Calculator
Bites the dust"

Who needs such advanced calculators any more?

I make do with a basic model, (four functions plus one
memory) and it meets my modest needs almost all the

On the rare occasions when I need to do more than what
my present calculator can do, I used to pull out my
sceintific calculator, but of late, I find it easier
to click on the Excel Icon on my desktop.

I work at my desk, not in the field and my desktop is
always in front of me.
A simple mouse click opens up the best calculator in
the world. Easy to use even for the fat fingered. Easy
to store the numbers already entered, easy to edit
them, and with access to nearly every conceivable
function that an engineer is likely to need.

Neither Casio nor HP or Texas Instruments can beat
beat Excel as a calculator though Excel is admittedly
for more than a mere calculator.

Am I an exception?

G Vishwanath
Bangalore, India

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