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>>Torquing bolts is not an accepted method of bolt pretensioning by the
>>The only "torque" method discussed in the RCSC is for arbitration ONLY.
>Why do you suppose RCSC takes this position so much different than that 
>taken by the AISC? Have safety issues been uncovered, using the AISC 
>calibrated wrench or turn-of-the-nut methods been founf defective?

AISC and RCSC are entirely consistent (we reference their document as the
basis for our bolting requirements). I think what Harold is trying to
emphasize is that atsandard torque values are not useful. Rather, the
calibrated wrench method, which uses a torque that is specifically
calibrated (hence the name), is required if "torque-wrench" installation is
the method to be used in pretensioning the bolts.


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