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Re: Calcs on the web! Any worries?

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If you do that, you may risk someone else taking the design and using it, no?  Intellectual property etc.  Also how can you avoid liability if the design is used by a third (unknown) party, it becomes known that you did it, and something goes wrong?
That, actually, might be a cause to leave your name on it, with a waiver stating that the drawings are samples only and cannot be used for any other purpose.  That way none can use them and expose you to liability, your name as being associated with the project(s) becomes known, and also it makes it clear that the drawings apply only to a specific project (incl in waiver?).

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From: Bill Allen
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Subject: Calcs on the web! Any worries?

I'm proposing on a project which will serve as a prototype for several
installations. The owner wants to put the prototype drawings and
calculations on their website so that their customers can see the
design. I am told that I can omit my name and my company's name from the
calculations and any drawings I produce. I can also (like the architect)
include any disclaimer language (like "this design probably is not
appropriate for the location you are considering" or something along
those lines).

Should I take the job? The work is with one of my very best clients and
I would hate for him to go to a competitor. Of course, if the R-T-R
(Risk to Reward) ratio is unattractive, then by all means, I don't mind
letting my competitor have the work :o).

Your opinions would be appreciated.


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