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I'd like to find out the procedure that is used with a "Hydraulic
tensioner".  I've got a somewhat similar need to tension a number of
threaded rods to known tension forces.  The rods are of various lengths and
various target loads.

My plan to develop a known load under a nut on each rod is to tension the
rod with a load-calibrated center-pull hydraulic jack, tighten a nut under
the jack and then release the jack.  I've been working with a Testing
Laboratory to establish a relationship between the tension in the jack, and
the tension in the rod under the nut after the jack is released.  I've been
getting ambiguous, difficult-to-interpret data.  My intention is to test two
procedures in order to select one for our project: 1: tighten the nut until
the jack load goes to zero; 2: snug tighten the nut and then release the
jack.  Maybe I'm trying to reinvent the wheel.  Maybe there is something I'm
not seeing in my testing procedure that is built-in to give ambiguous
results.  Anyway, information on a working system that others have devised
would be greatly appreciated.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer
South San Gabriel, CA

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