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Re:Mixing boly diameters

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Sub: Mixing Bolt diameters.

I agree it is not good construction practice.
But I can see no theoretical objection.
As a last resort, it may be tolerated.

If I am wrong please correct me.

When engineers don't specify actual reactions clearly
in the drgs and resort to  labor saving stipulations
like "half udl per Aisc tables", without exceptions
for short span beams, a fabricator's engineer can be
forgiven for resorting to this kind of mixing of bolt

If he provides 1" dia uniformly, the approving
engineer will pick a hole in his connection.
If he provides 1 1/4" unformly, it may be overkill and
the erector will not like it all. 

So he has perhaps worked out what he feels is a

If the fabricator doesn't mind, why should the
approving engineer object?

It would be nice if the approving engineer reviewed
the end reaction indicated in this case and offered a
reduction if possible  in the specified load,  and all
bolts 1" dia in this case may be okay. Or else he
should suggest an alternative.


Where does AISC discuss mixing welds and bolts in the
same connections?

Brian Stanley, P.E.

Baltimore, Md

See page 5-302 of the green manual.
There is a paragraph on High strength bolts in
combination with welds or rivets.


There's also some verbiage in Section J10. of the 9th
Edition ("Green Book") 

Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD
I checked section J10.
It deals with Anchor bolts.
You must be  referring to J1. 10 on page 5-64


G Vishwanath
Bangalore India

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