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Re: Mixing Bolt Diameters

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Carter, Charlie  wrote

 "Mixing bolt diameters in a shear connection would probably not work. How
 would the connection know how to send more load to the stronger bolts? This
 same idea would apply to any group of bolts sharing load equally."

Dear Charlie

The connection is a structure too, which deforms in proportion to it's
stiffness. So, in a connection it is not possible for a smaller dia bolt to
deform more than a larger dia bolt (which it will have to, if equal loads
are transferred to both the bolts). So the deformation will be governed by
the larger dia bolt, which in turn will be the mechanism thru which the
larger load (either shear, or tension/compression, or a mix of both) will be
transferred to the larger dia bolt.

Please note that I am not commenting on any codal provisions, practicality,
or feasibility of the situation, but theoretically speaking, there should be
no problem with mixing different dia bolts in a single connection, as the
bolts will take loads in proportion to their respective capacities.

With all respect and regards

Pankaj Gupta
Structures Online

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