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Passive Replacement of Structural Engineer

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First I am assuming that you have an appointment to meet with your lawyer.

You might talk with the Architect about what this other Engineer will be
doing.  If he is spending his time dealing with structural issues not shown
on your drawings,  you could take him to lunch because he is saving you
time.  If he is being expected to develop fixes for your approval then you
might suggest to the Architect that this other engineer become a
subcontractor to you since you will have to approve any fixes unless the
architect and this other engineer want to accept your liability.

If this other engineer is expected to provide fixes to the contractor
without your acceptance then you may want to consider resigning as engineer
of record and notifying the building department that you are no longer
acting as engineer of record.

If they plan to use the other engineer to find all of your minor errors and
then use this to show you did a lousy job so they can keep from paying the
rest of our fee, your life will be interesting.

Mark Gilligan

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