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RE: scab structural engineer??

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Title: RE: scab structural engineer??

In most states as long as another engineer is working directly for the same client as the EOR, the Owner/Client is not legally required to notify the EOR that another engineer is reviewing his work. Your use of the term scab is very derogatory for this or any other situation in my opinion.

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The more experienced members of the list should be able to tell you the
legal ramifications, but to me this is downright illegal to have another
structural engineer performing Construction Admin on a project you
engineered. This is equivalent to plan stamping in my mind, depending on the
amount of his involvement. Is he authorized to make changes and modify
details? This is scary. How does he know all of your design assumptions and
intentions? How does he know the intimate details of the building? If we
were approached to be the SCAB engineer I would tell them that is unethical,
why it is a bad idea, and refuse to perform those services. I don't usually
even answer an RFI on a project for another engineer in our office unless I
am familiar with the job and have his calcs in hand. Even then I would not
make any big decisions without consulting the original design engineer. I
would also thing most building departments, at least the ones that require a
signed letter or detail to be stamped for changes would even allow such a
change. I am further shocked by the architect, a fellow professional who
should understand very well your role, allowing such a substitution.

I may be way off here, but this seems very wrong. It may be something, if
you cannot resolve in any other way, to report to the Board because I really
see something wrong with this. But again, I am assuming the SCAB engineer
takes on full CA duties that I would normally perform on a building, which
includes: shop dwgs, RFIs, field visits, resolving conflicts, detail
revisions, plan changes, modifications, etc.

I definitely would not stand silently by...


Andrew Kester, EI
Longwood, FL

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