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Re: OSB sheathing exposed to weather

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I think the million dollar question will be what grade sheathing was specified and or used?  If a true exterior grade sheathing was used you may be OK.  If the typical exposure 1 sheathing was used I would think the glue bond has probably deteriorated regardless of the fact that the material "looks OK", this could be a problem with shear-walls and diaphragms.  Personally I am surprised that the sheathing looks good after two years.
Hopefully someone from APA will chime in with a more authoritative opinion.
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Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2003 3:30 PM
Subject: OSB sheathing exposed to weather

The construction progress of one of our wood framing projects in Southern California has been stopped for over 2 years. Recently it started again, the framing had been completed and left exposed for over two years.

Though visually the OSB boards look fine with no swells or delaminations, there are rust stains from nail heads. Does anyone feel there should be concerns over the integrity of the unprotected framing from the environment (2 blocks from the ocean), particularly the exterior OSB sheathings rust stains?

Dennis Shoup